Entryless Transforms AP at eXtracc

eXtracc is one of Malaysia�s leading cloud accounting providers, serving many of that country�s McDonald�s franchisees. The many bills each restaurant received put a cumbersome amount of AP tasks on eXtracc personnel.

�Our biggest challenge by far was data entry,� said eXtracc�s Director of Business Development, Aiman Ezanee. eXtracc began using Entryless and saw an immediate reduction of AP labor. Billing automation has allowed eXtracc to scale, taking on more clients without having to hire additional staff. �Entryless has allowed us to grow our business,� said Ezanee.

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�Before we started using Entryless, we didn�t have the resources to take on new clients. Automation has allowed eXtracc to scale with data entry no longer a burden on staff. Entryless has allowed us to grow our business�

Aiman Ezanee

eXtracc Director of Business Development

Entryless Moves Figures UK to Paperless Accounting

With an astoundingly small staff, Figures UK is the accounting firm for 250 businesses. Clients vary from single operators to enterprise-class organizations. Cloud services like Xero have been a key part of their success.

When we looked for a better way to process bills, Entryless was the clear choice,� said founder Jason Cannon. Entryless enables Figures UK to work exclusively with digital information. With no manual input of account entries, the clients get strategic consulting, not just paper shuffling.

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�Two years ago, we started looking for a better way to process bills. We tried a lot of systems before landing on Entryless. Entryless is far and away the best solution. After using it ourselves, we rolled it out to our clients�

Jason Cannon

FiguresUK Founder

Automation Helps Scrubbed Create Consistent Client Growth

The founders of Scrubbed chose its name to illustrate their vision: clients deserve accounting books that are scrubbed clean. Scrubbed can move its clients beyond the simple commodity bookkeeping and provide business insight from a financial perspective. They knew this meant thinking outside the box and a willingness to quickly integrate new technologies.

Scrubbed has been able to eliminate 80% of the accounts payable process. The ripple effect has been helping clients and their clients� suppliers work more efficiently too.

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�Entryless is just like artwork to us, it allows us to eliminate a lot of steps in our clients� payment processing and preserve our own sanity. We are able to spend time with clients as true advisors and partners of their business�

Gani Languisma

Co-Founder & Managing Member

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